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Finance Alternatives

Want solar at no upfront cost - without providing a personal or corporate guarantee?

Our financing enables property owners to obtain 100% upfront funding for energy-saving improvements to their buildings -- without requiring a corporate guarantee.

How Can We Offer This?

Demeter Power is the first, and to date, the only company to provide third-party ownership financing solutions, such as a lease or PPA, through city- and county-sponsored property assessed clean energy (PACE) programs:

  * Our financing is collected as a voluntary assessment on the property tax bill;

  * This simplifies payments and enables a solar lease or PPA for terms up to 20 years.

Learn more about Demeter Power Group’s finance options, which have the capability of radically changing how commercial property owners buy and use power:

PACE Lease® 

For commercial property owners who want a fixed-fee for financing solar and other clean energy installations. Terms are available for up to 20 years.  
Download a PDF - PACE Lease

PACE Shared Savings™ 

For commercial property owners who desire a total-cost solution that returns a portion of future energy savings as an economic benefit that increases every year that utility rates rise while also insulating the property from downside risk if utility prices decrease.
Download a PDF - PACE Shared Savings™


A first-of-its kind offering for building owners and distributed solar or clean technology owners who desire a better solution for the long-term ownership, operation and management of their clean energy portfolio.
Download a PDF - PACEREIT®


For PACE program administrators who want to rapidly grow their deal pipeline by expanding the finance options they can offer to property owners. The PACE3P® platform helps enable third-party financing options such as solar leases, PPAs or energy services agreements. 
Download a PDF - PACE3P